Building a Solid Reputation


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This week we are talking about something important to everyone, no matter their stage of practice. That is - your professional reputation.

Your professional reputation is important to build and maintain. We are sharing five things you can do to build a strong professional reputation.

#1 Reliability

Do what you say you are going to do. Meet deadlines. Communicate with your colleagues. This communicates to others that you can be relied upon and that will go a long way to establishing a solid professional reputation.

#2 Integrity

The people you work with will come to learn whether you are someone that can be trusted or someone that will bend the facts. Similar to reliability, can you be trusted to be forthcoming and trustworthy?

#3 Avoid gossip

Developing yourself as someone that spreads and feeds into gossip will absolutely hurt your reputation and impact other people’s ability to trust you. Instead establish yourself as someone that can be trusted to shut down gossip and keep private conversations private.

#4 Showcase yourself

Let people know when you have reached a professional milestone. Keep your network up to date on professional advancement and skills. They will then come to look at you as a leader in your field.

#5 Be supportive of everyone

You should always extend the same kindness and courtesy that you do with a senior partner to anyone else you come across. How you treat others really does matter to them and to your reputation.

Your reputation matters! Guard it carefully and mindfully. If you are careful with it, it will help you thrive throughout your career.

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