#158 – What is God Like? - Incommunicable Attributes


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Jen Wilkin, JT English, and Kyle Worley discuss and define the incommunicable attributes of God.

Questions Covered in This Episode:

  • What is an incommunicable attribute?
  • How are God’s attributes related to God’s nature? Are they something God possesses or words to describe what/who God is?
  • What are some examples of incommunicable attributes?
  • Does this make God unknowable? If he is so “other,” is it possible for us to truly know him?
  • How do the incommunicable attributes shape the way we view God, the world, ourselves?
  • Are the incommunicable attributes true of all the persons of the Godhead?

Helpful Definitions:

  • Attribute: Something that is true about God, who he is.
  • Incommunicable Attribute: Things that are true about God, that are only true of God and are not true of anyone else.
  • Omnipresent: Everywhere fully present.
  • Omniscient: All things are known effortlessly and instantly.
  • Omnipotent: All powerful.
  • Infinite: No limit of any kind.
  • Sovereign: He has the authority to use His power.
  • Incomprehensible: Not able to be fully understood.
  • Eternal: Not bound by time.
  • Transcendent: He is other (by an infinite extent).
  • Imminent: God is near to his creation.
  • Divine Hiddenness: In God’s infinitude we cannot fully grasp all that He is. There is part of the divine life of God that is hidden from our view.
  • Self-Existent: The origin of all things.
  • Self-Sufficient: He needs nothing.
  • Immutable: God is always the same.

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