Dreamforce 2022 Report by Vern – Sept. 23, 2022


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Dreamforce Recap

Top Line – Definitely very successful

  • Trailblazers
  • Vendor Ecosystem
  • Overall energy and push


  • Opening keynote – as theatrical as ever. Brett Taylor took center stage to unveil Genie.
  • A re-packaging of Salesforce Marketing CDP, nee Datorama.
    • Adapters to each cloud
  • Analysis
    • Salesforce is being talked about as not being a growth company because they can’t compete in the “intelligent data layer.”
    • This move is strong because Salesforce is now the #1 enterprise application delivery platform, having recently eclipsed SAP in quarterly revenues. It has a chance of sparking interest and orders from an ever-increasing number of customers.
    • Tayor on CNBC on investor day: “Salesforce is a growth company.”
    • However, Genie just makes Salesforce a slightly better competitor when compared to Snowflake, Databricks, or Fivetran. Since acquisitions are apparently not off the table, according to Taylor, I expect Salesforce to make some more moves

Best Sessions

  • Pablo Gonzoles & Rob Cowell sessions were being talked about
  • How Google does Salesforce Devops is very interesting, very opinionated. Important session because it talked about some open-source innovations in environment variables and feature flags.
  • Sparsely attended session on how Salesforce does devops. Very fascinating under-the-covers look at service discovery, monitoring, and remediation. Showed off merlion, an open-source Python ML and anomaly-detection system called Merlion.

Ancillary Services Market for Salesforce is strong

  • Salesforce did not announce any competing products
  • Vendor villages were busy
  • System Integrations are dominant

Salesforce Devops Strong

  • Companies Exhibiting (14)
    • ACCELQ
    • Cloud Compliance
    • CodeScan/AutoRABIT
    • Copado
    • Elements Cloud
    • Flosum
    • Gearset
    • Metazoa
    • Odaseva
    • Opsera
    • OwnBackup
    • Prodly
      • DevOps Center Integration
    • Provar
    • Salto
    • With Secure
      • Platform Cybersecurity
  • DevOps Center not making much of a dent
    • Still in Beta; no info on usage or satisfaction yet
    • Prodly and Elements Cloud integrations

Journalistic Topics

  • Press Conference
  • The Press Room
    • Foreign Press
  • Trailblazers Love Salesforce
    • It seems real
    • People get a chance to become successful
    • There is a support network available
  • High Tech Bubble
    • Reddit thread
  • Customer attendee satisfaction
    • Reminder about local trailblazer events

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