Episode 18: Buttflaps Down For Erathis


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Jana and Bal join Team Super Happy Fun Times on their fake mission and debate fantasy contract law, middle child syndrome, and the ethics of girl on girl bullying while covering Episode 18: The Trial of the Take Part 1 of Critical Role Campaign 1: Vox Machina.

00:00:00 - Intro
00:04:36 - The Spoilers Have Stopped
00:07:33 - Content Warning: Gore, Allusions to Sexual Assault, Disrespectful Language regarding Sex workers
00:08:56 - Out Of Game Tidbits
00:21:40 - Where Are We At?
00:23:39 - Getting Ready To Be Hazed
00:28:28 - Meeting The Team
00:40:40 - Set-Ups and Fantasy Contract Law
00:55:45 - Mission Start
01:06:50 - Night Time Bonding
01:14:58 - The Butt Flap Fight
01:25:16 - Moving On!
01:35:03 - The Purvan Scale

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