Skin Aging, Senescent Cells, and Using Senolytics


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This episode of the Biohacking Beauty podcast is the biohackers guide to skin aging and senescent cells. Amitay Eshel, co-founder and CEO of Young Goose, discusses what senescent cells are. He also touches on extrinsic and intrinsic drivers of senescent cell accumulation and what happens if we have an accumulation of it. Lastly, Amitay talks about senolytics and how it can help eliminate senescent cells.

What Amitay discusses:

0:00 - Intro

3:19 - What are senescent cells?

5:11 - Correlation of senescent cells and the appearance of the skin

6:48 - Extrinsic and intrinsic drivers of senescent cells accumulation

14:44 - What happens if we have an accumulation of senescent cells?

15:38 - The relationship of skin stress and our brain function

16:06 - How can we delay whole body aging?

16:28 - What are senolytics?

17:13 - How to induce senolytic effect?

19:46 - What happens if the skin barrier ages?

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