34: Rachel Varga: The Skincare Pillars, Skincare Individuality, and Use of Serums and Toners


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In this episode of the Biohacking Beauty podcast, Rachel Varga discusses her skincare and skin health approach to have a better looking skin. She also shares her thoughts on the use of serum and toner. She touches skin stimulation processes and her overall thoughts about the skincare industry now. Lastly, she shares a glimpse of her personal life by sharing book recommendations.

Rachel Varga is a double Board Certified Aesthetic Nurse specialists since 2011. With over 20,000 procedures performed and an international clinical trainer for other physicians and nurses, celebrities skin experts. She's featured by Dave Asprey, JJ virgin Wade light heart, Naveen Jain, Dr. Kelly and Petrucci American's holistic plastic surgeon, Dr. Tony Yun, and many more.

Rachel helps inspire others with her unique toolkit to slow cellular aging and enhance radiance using your holistic science of beauty method at Rachael varga.ca where one on one sessions for at home and in clinic skin rejuvenation guidance are available.

What we talked about:

6:23 - What's the origin story of Rachel’s hack to better looking skin?

11:03 - Skin pillars and balancing these out

14:23 - Rachel’s skin care and skin health approach and if it’s subjective to a person?

20:03 - What is Rachel take in terms of using toner?

24:29 - Does Rachel have some other adjunct before a serum?

28:08 - Rachel’s thoughts on skin stimulation for renewal

38:29 - What are toxins?

40:49 - What EMF does to the skin?

51:16 - How does Rachel see individuality in terms of skin care routine?

56:17 - Does Rachel have any other staple skincare brands?

1:02:22 - How Rachel sees the aesthetic world and the professional aesthetic world?

1:15:41 - Rachel’s book recommendations.

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