Truth Wanted 05.19 Live from UTSA! ObjectivelyDan and @Secular Student Alliance


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SHOW NOTES This Friday the 13th Dan is on location at UTSA, with Secular Student Alliance and special guests! Not to worry folks, none of them are surnamed Voorhees. Zach Shedd speaks with Dan about creating secular communities, and our first caller asks the hosts how to approach conversations with a budding atheist. Dan recommends Street Epistemology, and agrees with Zach’s point that setting boundaries is important. We hit up our audience for some Q&A. Some strange Johnny guy asks Dan if he prefers the live show format to the remote, and Jamal asks what was most difficult about Dan’s deconversion process. Our next guest is John Dye, he studies volcanoes, and erupts into the background of the SSA and why he joined. Needs more magma. An audience member suspects that her child may be faking faith to further their romantic pursuits. Neither Dan nor John recommend it, and John is very clear that he will not be dating any crystal cuties. Finally, Madison shares a story about his first date experience with a spiritualist. After a quick chat with John about his deconversion, Paul in the audience asks how to get involved with the secular movement. A former Muslim asks how to find community after leaving religion, and finally Donovan asks how the SSA approaches activism. We take a call from Michael, who asks our hosts for their perspective on the recent odious activities of the Supreme Court. Surprising zero people across the globe, our hosts are champions of women’s bodily autonomy. This is why activism is so important! Back to our audience, Zoe encourages locals to show up for the Bans off our Bodies protest, and Jamal asks how to promote positive atheism. Cody Valdez joins us on stage, and shares his experiences as a newcomer to the atheist movement. Next we’ll talk to Larry, who has a grandson starting at U of T, and asks Cody how he can get involved! The power of SSA grows! Shifting back to our audience emcee, Johnny talks to another SSA member who expresses his gratitude for the exposure today. We’re happy to do it! Joel asks our hosts what other beliefs they’ve shed, and Dan admits he used to have some misguided views about the LGBTQ+ community. It’s ok Dan, we forgive you. Tanjil calls in and asks about coming out as an atheist to family. Our hosts recommend kindness and discretion, and an audience member offers his perspective. Hal has an argument from incredulity that will shock and amaze. Jk, no it won't. Dan and Cody make short work of this, but Hal seems nice. Special guests Christy Powell and Jim Barrows join the conversation with some banter before we wrap up, thanks for watching!

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