Truth Wanted 05.15 04-15-2022 with ObjectivelyDan and Josh Entner


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Welcome back to a very good Friday, and not just because it’s time for Truth Wanted. This zombie Jesus day, Dan’s guest is the host of the Bloody Good Film podcast, a three-time guest on Non-Prophets, and a Facebook moderator for the ACA fan groups, welcome Josh Entner! This week’s Patron of the Week is J.P. Young, thank you for the support! We’ll kick it off with Jeff, who feels some skeptics suspend their standards when it comes to UFOs. Our hosts agree that unidentified doesn’t mean aliens, and offer a few potential explanations for weird stuff in the sky. We talk about how to approach these conversations with friends; as the mantra goes, confront ideas, not people! David in Florida wants to talk about Canadian legislation banning Holocaust denial. We talk about sensible limits to free speech, and Josh points out that misinformation can be harmful. Dan draws a great parallel between libel and slander laws, illustrating the importance of having sources when making claims. Josh and Dan chat about journalistic integrity before we move on. Jay in Florida is up next, he offers a different take on why Holocaust denial should be illegal. Josh isn’t convinced that promoting bad ideas is tantamount to yelling “Fire!” in a crowded space, and Dan asks how the legislation would look in practice. Jay thinks Germany’s approach to the ugly history of WW2 is a good model, that being honest education combined with a banning of hate speech. Biblically is back! He’s got a deity on call, right next to him on the couch, and wants to talk about Genesis. Dan and Josh try to dissect his bizarre web of claims, and attempt to nail the caller down on a few specific elements of his narrative. Unfortunately, Biblically is just waiting for his turn to talk. Josh makes an attempt to lead this list of assertions into a constructive conversation by redirecting to one point of contention Dan asked about. It doesn’t work. This is apologetics at its worst, but it is kinda entertaining, so without further ado… we announce that… The winner of the Award for Worst Pre-Suppositionalist of 2022… is… BIBLICALLY!! That’s a wrap folks! Shoutout to Judas for the long weekend, we’ll see you next week!

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