Truth Wanted 05.14 04-08-2022 with ObjectivelyDan and MD Aware


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It’s Friday, it’s 7pm Central, and it’s time for another episode of Truth Wanted! Tonight we’re joined today by two terrific titans of truth testing, Objectively Dan and MD Aware! Let’s take some calls! This weeks Patron of the week is Zachary Wilkes, thanks for the support Zachary! Out of the gates we have a familiar voice, it’s Tim in Washington! He’s concerned with the recent Florida legislation known as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, and with good reason. Is throwing a blanket over the subject of sex education good for our kids? Both our hosts think not, as does every study examining this subject. LGBTQ+ people don’t disappear if you cover your eyes Ron DeSantis! Andrew is next and isn’t convinced that the “Don’t Say Gay” bill is as insidious as some make it out to be. MD Aware offers a brilliant comparison between the teaching of math and sex ed, in that we don’t teach calculus to first-graders. He makes a case for teaching sex ed before 7/8th grade, but Andrew’s intransigence prevents him from seeing the light. Also, gay. I said it. Buckle up for Jon in Canada, who thinks sex ed before the age of 16 is wrong because one time he wrote a dirty sentence and got in trouble. Jon thinks any level of sex ed is tantamount to handing out condoms to 6 year olds, and MD tries to explain the concept of gradation using a bicycle analogy. Dan weighs in on why LGBTQ+ representation isn’t the indoctrination Jon thinks it is, but Jon’s not listening. Dan gets a break while these two Canucks battle it out, and it becomes evident Jon’s brought a knife to a gunfight. This man does not represent the True North, Strong and Free. (It’s our anthem) Aaaand if you didn’t think tonight’s show could get any better, we’re going to wrap up with Biblical. I’ve listened to this call three times, and I’m still not sure what his point is. The claims of the Bible must be true if you acknowledge that it exists… I think? Our hosts fence with the caller for a few minutes, but biblically, even God has his limits for tolerance. Biblically. Floods and towers, folks. It’s biblical. That’s the show tonight folks! Seek the truth, say gay because it makes Ron DeSantis cry, but don’t say biblically, because our callers have that covered. See you next week!

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