The Non-Prophets 21.19 05-08-2022 with Jason Sherwood, Teo El Ateo, and Laura Magee


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The Non-Prophets, Episode 21.19 airing Sunday, May 8, 2022 @3:00pm CT featuring Jason Sherwood, Teo el Ateo and Laura Magee. This week’s episode covers: Welcome back to another episode of The Non-Prophets! This week Jason Sherwood is back in the driver’s seat joined by our veterans Laura Magee and our favorite Cartoon (2 weeks in a row) Teo El Ateo! Segment 1 - Teachers“Grooming”Kids? Beware of God’s Sword! For the first segment we talking about a hate preacher who is calling for the beheading of teachers he things are "grooming" children away from his idea of a god. Wow that's a bit extremist! Segment 2 - SCOTUS Tackles Football Praying Coach Then we head to the seat of US government for a look at a supreme court case... no not Roe v. Wade. That is going to be a whole other deep dive next week. Nope, this is a high school coach who was fired for praying with his players after games at the 50 yard line. Now, I'm no sports ball fan, but that seems a bit public. Segment 3 - Are Covid Curls still Lurking in our midst? Then we crunch the numbers and wonder if we are in the middle of an invisible Covid wave? Honestly, I don't have much witty comments on this other than wash your hands and take personal responsibility! Segment 4 - A Florida Man you can be proud of! Finally this week, we take on a Florida man story? Oh boy! No wait, it is a Florida man who is trying to use Florida's book banning law against them! Banning the bible because of it's offensive content. Sex, drugs, murders, and I hear it actually talks about an invisible sky daddy that is ok with it as long as you do it in his name. So weird! Well that just about does it for this week when Praying for Bible Bans that make Preachers Prance. See you next week!

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