The Non-Prophets 21.15 04-10-2022 with Jason Sherwood, Josh Entner and Richard Gilliver


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The Non-Prophets, Episode 21.15 airing Sunday, April 10 2022 Featuring Jason Sherwood, Josh Entner, and Richard Gilliver. Jason Sherwood is back in the conductor’s chair! Everyone on the count of 1…2…3…scream for him in the comment section! He is joined by our favorite religion expert Richard Gilliver and film expert and self proclaimed cheese head Josh Enter . Our first segment falls back for the religious Jewish community that opposes the Sunshine Protection Act. Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts, the original cosponsor of the legislation is quoted by The Guardian as saying: “No more switching clocks, more daylight hours to spend outside after school and after work, and more smiles—that is what we get with permanent daylight saving time..” Should religion have a say if this bill passes? Up next is Pope Watch, the pope is begging for forgiveness for Indigenous for Canada school abuses . Another apology tour for the Pope? Is this a regular thing we should expect or should one demand more accountability? WHAT SAY THEE? We then are looking back at the establishment of the Church of the Latter Day Saints. The host gives their take on the history of the influence of the Mormon Church and Joseph Smith Ideology. Do we see a large influence on society today? Lastly is a strange but true where the host look at the finding of the ASPCA and how they helped find a home for dog people did not want because they accused him of being gay. Yes you read that right. Goes to show that dogs are just too darn good for people. Take that cat parents! Well that about it for this week. Go down to those comments and let Jason, Richard and Josh what you think of this week's episode below! Segment 1: Jewish leaders vow to oppose the Sunshine Protection Act: ‘It will affect our religious life’ Segment 2: Pope Watch: Pope begs forgiveness of Indigenous for Canada school abuses Segment 3: Looking Back: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints established Mormons Lower Temperature on Hot-Button Issues at Conference Segment 4: Strange but true/looking back ASPCA is Founded Dogs are too good for people

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