The Non-Prophets 21.14 04-03-2022 with Secular Rarity, Genevieve, Kelley Laughlin, and Teo el Ateo


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The Non-Prophets, Episode 21.14 airing Sunday, April 3rd 2022 featuring Secular Rarity, Genevieve, Kelley Laughlin, and Mateo el Ateo What is this? Another first time conductor for The Non-Prophets? Secular Rarity’s check has cleared and so we gave him a new seat on the show. Everyone give him a round of applause in the comments section! He is joined by Genvieve who works closely with friend of the show Dave Warnock. There is also a return of Kelley Laughlin who is starting to be a mainstay of The Non-Prophets. Rounding out the panel is Teo el Ateo who we can ALWAYS count on to fill in. Our first segment goes for the GOOOAAAAAALLLL of Evangelicals in Football in Brazil. For the few points in the world that might be confused, that is Soccer. Sports rituals can be an individual thing, but what happens when an institution is taken over by a god. Should religion be infused in football, or is football a religion? Up next we follow a Saudi blogger Raif Badawi who was imprisoned for 10 years due to ‘insulting Islam’. Could you imagine it? What would happen if the rest of the world adopted that ide… (MORAL POLICE OPEN UP!!) We then study a new poll where Americans say that they are cool with Jesus. His followers… well not so much. Could this be a turning point in ideas and politics? (flips the page) Oh… oh no… Well maybe next generation or two. Lastly, What is the happiest place on Earth? Is it Disney? Well a survey came out about what are the happiest nations on this planet. Where does America fall in? Who comes out on top? Spoiler, the happier you are, the least likely you believe in religious teaching. Well that about wraps it for this week. Go down to those comments and let Secular Rarity just what you think of his first time. Segment 1: Evangelical Football Evangelicalism & Brazil: The religious movement that spread through a national team By Marcus Alves, March 22, 2022 Segment 2: Saudi blogger Raif Badawi Saudi blogger Raif Badawi, imprisoned for ‘insulting Islam’, freed after 10 years The Guardian, March 22, 2022 Segment 3:Hypocritical, Judgmental and Self-righteous oh my! New study offers Christian leaders both good and bad news Americans think highly of Jesus, but they reject his followers The Knoxville News Sentinel, By Terry Mattingly, March 24, 2022 Segment 4: The Happiness Report The happiest nations on Earth are strongly secular Only Sky, By Phil Zuckerman, March 20, 2022

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