The Non-Prophets 21.11 03-13-2022 with Cynthia McDonald, Kelley Laughlin, Teo El Ateo, and Richard Gilliver


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The Non-Prophets, Episode 21.11 airing Sunday, March 13 2022 featuring Cynthia McDonald, Kelley Laughlin, Teo El Ateo and Richard Gilliver. This week’s episode covers how the FFRF keeps reminding school board members that prayer has no place at their meetings. Pat Roberson wants the world to end, again. This time with Russian dressing. Pastor Greg Locke says he’s being threatened with death, hexes and sex toys! Oh no, glitter bombs! And lastly in Los Angeles ‘Atheist Street Pirates’ remove illegal religious (and secular) signs from public streets in their ongoing religious rubbish removal program. Helping to keep their streets clean and secular. We also take some time out to read a little viewer mail! Why is there a husky in the thumbnail? Well simple! Jason asked for it! Segment 1: Let’s all take a moment of silence Indiana school board ends prayer after FFRF intervenes Freedom From Religion foundation, March 3, 2022 Additional Resources: When Students Walk Out in Protest, Here’s What Administrators Should Do Education Week, By Evie Blad, February 11, 2022 Students across Southwest Florida walk out to protest "Don't say gay" bill WINK News, By Michael Hudak and Jennifer Morejon, March 3, 2022 Segment 2: Shit internet apologist say - It’s always been the End Times Giddy Pat Robertson on Ukraine is everything wrong with End Times belief OnlySky Captain Cassidy, March 03 2022 Additional Resources: Pat Robertson Insists Putin ‘Compelled by God’ to Invade Ukraine and Kick Off ‘End Times’ Daily Beast, By Justin Baragon, Feb. 28, 2022 Has the biblical Gog and Magog war begun? The Jerusalem Post, By Maayan Jaffe-Hoffman, March 02, 2022 Segment 3: MORE Shit internet apologist say - Mail me a Potato! Pastor Greg Locke says he’s being threatened with death, hexes and sex toys for exposing witches Christian Post, Leonardo Blair, Feb. 02 2022 Additional Resources: Greg Locke Shares He’s Received Death Threats, Satanic Postcards, and Sex Toys After Exposing Witches, By Jesse T. Jackson, March 01, 2022 Segment 4: Step in the Right Direction - Cleaning Up the Streets Atheist “pirates” in Los Angeles are removing religious signs from public streets OnlySky, By Hemant Mehta, March 03, 2022 Additional Resources: In LA, ‘Atheist Pirates’ remove religious signs from public streets and overpasses Religion News, By Alejandra Molina, March 03, 2022 Viewer mail

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