The Atheist Experience 26.13 03-27-2022 with Matt Dillahunty and Captain Dadpool


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First up is Mark from PA who recently lost a loved one and is struggling with the typical Christian belief that God is loving when such suffering is allowed to persist. Next up is Anthony from PA who claims that intelligent design is philosophically sound. Can the caller demonstrate the truth of intelligent design without being fallacious? Find out now! Next is Bob from TN who calls to read us bible verses, specifically John 4:10, that somehow demonstrate the truth of...itself? Start the clock. Tru from TX is calling to ask for advice on dealing with extremely religious family members who act hurtfully whenever the topic is broached. Next up is Patrick from FL who wants to know why many skeptics deem extrasensory perception as “hooey” and dismiss it out of hand. Next up is Matthew from England who believes that explicit (capable of assessing evidence), weak (not claiming certainty) atheists have a burden of proof. How? Next is Jack from FL who presents a “simple” syllogism to prove God. Typically, syllogisms are not 1000+ words. Mr. Warlight from AK calls to present the single greatest argument for the existence of Ghosts. Check-mate skeptics! Flawless victory! Finally, Noah from OR wants some clarification on the objective and subjective components of a secular moral system.

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