Talk Heathen 06.20 05-15-2022 with Kenneth Leonard and Katy Montgomerie


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Today please join us to learn from Kenneth Leonard who is joined by the exceptional Katy Montgomerie. They will both work with callers who try to present evidence for god. First caller is Ruth in CA who has a message for Christians: Get out of the way and let us be people. You are taking us back to the dark ages and are afraid of losing your evangelical followers. Kenneth reminds us that the incentive for elected officials is not always to do the right thing, but to take advantage of peop’s rage against those who are different. Katy connects the dots between misogyny, the Bible, and the opposition to abortion. It is scary when people weaponize religion. Ruth finishes the call by thanking the hosts for providing an education for us. Dani in the UK asks Katy if it is easier to be trans in the UK than it is in the U.S. Katy informs us that most people are not wanting to take away trans rights and are not bigoted in the UK. She mentions that the U.S. has states with varying laws and attitudes regarding trans people. Even within states, things can vary and it is not even as simple as rural vs urban. Xeno from South Korea has scientific evidence for god. His evidence is mathematical and starts by asking the hosts to put a number on how much they know about the universe. Even if the hosts know virtually nothing, where is the evidence? Can we convict somebody of a crime by using evidence found with all the stuff that we don’t know? Science is the best method we know of to explain what is true. If you have another way to show if something is true, then you need to demonstrate that. How do we know that a frog wizard with colors is not the something that was the beginning of your god? Special guest Clara, president of the UTSA Secular Student Alliance (SSA) in San Antonio is our last caller. She got involved with the SSA in 2016 by noticing the students with the table and attending meetings. She slowly learned more and has been president since 2019. This is an important group because there are over 25 religious groups on campus, but this is the only secular group. The SSA has been around since 2013 and is there to support non religious students when they need help getting out of religion. The best way to learn about the organization or support is through the website. Lots of guest speakers have visited such as Anthony Magnabosco who practiced street epistemology at the school for a number of years.

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