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Podcast Quran Central terbaik yang kami temui (dikemaskini Ogos 2020)
Podcast Quran Central terbaik yang kami temui
Dikemaskini Ogos 2020
Sertai jutaan pergguna Player FM hari ini untuk mendapatkan berita dan kilasan untuk perkara yang anda gemari, walau anda di luar talian. Podcast lebih bijak dengan aplikasi podcast percuma yang menolak kompromi. Jom main!
Sertai aplikasi podcast terbaik di dunia untuk mengurus rancangan kegemaran anda di talian dan mainkan ia di luar talian dengan aplikasi Android dan iOS. Ia percuma dan mudah!
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Assalamualikum wr wb brothers and sisters! Welcome to the Central MOD blogspot run by youth in the central London area, providing activities and Islamic circles for youth, dealing with our issues, on the level, in a way we can understand. We hope to engage. entertain and excite Inshallah!
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Its one of the hardest thing to do... asking for forgiveness to the one that we have wronged! but asking for forgiveness to Allah the most Merciful should be the easiest thing possible for a believing soul! Come and join MOD as we aim to shed some light on how to embark upon the fruitful path of forgiveness :) Click here to watch this talk (video) …
Prophet Muhammed (saw) described Abu Darr All-Ghifari by saying; "Neither has the sky shaded one more truthful and honest than Abu Dharr nor has the earth had anyone walk over it like him. (In these matters) he is like Isa binMaryam ." [Tirmidhi] We are living in day and age where role models are not so apparent... The sahabas are described by our …
"...Your youth before your old age...” The first of 5 things to take advantage of as advised by the Prophet (saw). The Muslim youth in the west; What is our role? What can we contribute to society? What can we do for our Ummah? MoD presents an event for the whole community young and old, brothers and sisters, to define the role of Muslim leaders of…
Imaam al-Ghazali (rh) when writing of the potential consequences of losing the Khilafah said, "The judgements will be suspended, the Wilayaat (provinces) will be nullified, the decrees of those in authority will not be executed and all the people will be on the verge of Haraam". (al Iqtisaad fil Itiqaad page 240.). Come and join us as we aim to hig…
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