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here are four ways of approaching the language of this piece1. play the 2nd 16th of each group of 4 16ths for a full quarter, d g D G D bb a d, etc2. pitch is same as #1, but now add the rhythm, 1-&a/2-&a/3...3. keep the rhythm, but now play the full chord. d-bg/G-db/D... (play Bb, just trying to show the rhythm)4. keep the articulation, go back to…
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this excerpt is at the very end of the second movement, and it can be thought of as a quiet answer to the opening melody played by the oboe (same material, though the bassoon version is slightly truncated). as with any excerpt, listen to enough recordings so you can get a good feeling for the context of the excerpt as well as a few ideas that you w…
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