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以勒圣经教会(Jireh Bible Church)是一个位于休斯顿,不隶属于任何宗派、地方性的教会。教会信仰完全基于聖經。相信新舊兩約六十六卷書, 都是神逐字逐句默示的話,在原卷中毫無錯誤, 為信徒信仰與生活完整無繆的標準。教会多年来蒙神托付多元种族事工,现有中英文两种语言的主日崇拜、细胞小组、以及週三門徒訓練和祷告会等聚會。欢迎慕道友与主内兄弟姐妹与我们一同追求敬拜这位掌管天地的三一真神。 本系列Podcast信息,是教会主任牧师李名功博士礼拜日在中文部崇拜聚会的讲道。
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Paul commands us to give thanks in everything---But we ask ourselves, even in the bad things---The answer is, yes, in EVERYTHING give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you---This verse follows right after Paul's previous commandment to pray without ceasing.--We may very well be giving thanks for the things that we have …
Series: Finding Joy in the Nativity Text: Matthew 2:1-12 Theme: You should find joy in pursuing truth. God has revealed truth. ...which is opposed by lies. ...which is for all people. ...which is traced throughout the bible. Grace enables our pursuit of truth. We see both the star of God's leading. and... ...the journey of the Magi's following. In …
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