#129: Heroic Plus Coming Soon in WotLK feat Hamsterwheel


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We start off the episode hearing from the community with a voicemail and an e-mail. These spark some conversation on class balance, casual vs. hardcore wow players, and achievements. We discussed what we have been doing lately in WoW including gearing up some alts and preparing for the next phase of content.
In the news we review some of the Wrath Classic hot fixes, PTR Raid testing schedule, the Pilgram’s Bounty event, and Blizzard’s take on Retribution Paladin balance.
We close out the show with a discussion about the Wrath Classic Community Council Live Chat, where Blizzard game more details about Ulduar, Heroic+ or Titan Rune dungeons, and the item level buffs. We talk about the titan rune dungeons being thematically designed to incorporate new abilities in various zones. Additionally, we look at the changes to emblems and the specific item level changes currently set.
Time Stamps
0:00:00 - Intro
0:03:20 - Voicemails and Emails
0:32:00 - Wrath Classic Hotfixes - Hammer of Wrath, Soul Siphon, Arena Point Cap
Wrath Classic PTR Raid Testing Schedule - Unconfirmed
Pilgrim's Bounty Event Guide for Wrath Classic
Blizzard on Retribution Paladin Balance in Wrath Classic
1:09:00 - Community Council discussion
Wrath Classic Community Council Live Chat - Ulduar, Titan Rune Dungeons, Item level Buff
Wrath Classic PTR Ulduar Patch - Developer Notes
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