How to Deal With Energy and Possibility Vampires When Manifesting


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During this episode law of attraction and money manifesting coach, Cassie Parks answers the following questions:

I'd like your guidance on keeping my higher vibration when people around me are energy and possibility vampires? Specifically my husband who is the primary earner and doesn't see my business as 'real' because I have been so up and down with kids, health, covid.

I've asked this question before, or something like it, and received coaching on it....if I want more money, don't I need to take action? In my current situation, I want to permanently increase my consistent income. The way my brain currently thinks, I would need to find a new job where I can earn more money, or work a second job. I understand things like taking inspired action, not forcing, and living today as my future self. A big part of me still feels I need to be doing something, taking action that brings money to me. For example, I spent some time looking for a summer job in my field. While nothing came of it, something could happen down the road - but if I hadn't taken action, nothing would have been possible at all.

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