Truth Wanted 05.12 03-24-2022 with ExXtian Erin and Brady Hardin


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Hey everyone and welcome to another episode of Truth Wanted! This week ExXtian Erin is joined by Brady Hardin! First up is ObjectivelyDan from TX who wants to talk about some of the issues surrounding Progressive Christianity, and the “aren’t you on the same side” questions that get flung about whenever the subject is breached. Next up is Jay from FL who is calling to see what our hosts would retcon from the bible if they had the power to do so? Great question Jay! Up next is Jon from Canada who wants our host's opinion on critical race theory. Whew, this one is a doozy. Next is Melvin from TN who recounts their time living through the segregation era, and their observations of how little many systems have progressed since that period.

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