Truth Wanted 05.11 03-18-2022 with ObjectivelyDan and Kenneth Leonard


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First up is Chris from Canada who wants the hosts opinions on the anunnaki (an example of an ancient alien theory), and the belief that humans are genetically modified to be slaves. Next is Jeff from Japan who thinks that non-vegans use a different definition of veganism than vegans. The caller draws parallels to the arguments theists create that are based upon definitions of atheism that atheists may not ascribe to. Up next is Setuf from Spain who believes that the purchase of animal products supports the unnecessary killing of animals. Next up is Paul from FL who has recently found out that their friends and family are convinced that the 2020 election was stolen, but when pushed for their justification, they choose to avoid the subject. This begs the question, how far should we go to have these questions on epistemology? Next is Phil from TX who calls into talk about the contradictions in the story of Noah's flood and the absurdity of it. Our final call is from Mr. Crabs who asks our hosts if it would even be reasonable to presume that anything we see from Earth using advanced telescopes could actually be evidence of life.

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