The Atheist Experience 26.11 03-13-2022 with Shannon Q and Phil Ferguson


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Join us today with the fun dual of Shannon Q and Phil Ferguson who will be looking for callers to finally present the proof of god. Clarence in Ohio would like to talk about the arrogance of anthropocentric religions leading to dangerous consequences. His perspective is that secular humanism tends to be this way where pantheism does not. This is more of a philosophy than a religion. Is there a specific list of rules with scientific pantheism that needs to be adhered to? And what did the people who made these rules call themselves before the rules were made? Next up is Shane in GA that is going to lay some math on us. He is fixing to show us something that is irrefutable. He starts with Revelations and then Daniel. He talked about Mohammed dying in 632.5. And then we are supposed to go forward 1335 years and to 1967. Abraham has two sons going back to Genesis. His feelings got hurt and started yelling and cussing. Still no math. Kevin in Canada believes miracles are proof of god because god is the only one that can make them happen. Recorded(recalled) near death experiences are proof of these miracles. Is it possible that this experience was not actually the person outside their physical body? None of these claims can be substantiated or repeated. The sigma-6 receptor prevents hypoxia by allowing DMT to be produced which is a natural hallucinogen. How are these things miracles when there is a chemical explanation? Your lack of understanding does not make it a miracle. Dominic has a way to prove that gods are real and the soul is real and the bible is of divine origin. Falun Dafa meditation practice explains about the universe and reveals things to him. He asks if not knowing something shows ignorance in the subject. If all the evidence about god has been presented, would we be ignorant? Even if ignorance meant there was a possibility of a god, even a probability is not sufficient for a belief. John in the U.A.E wants to get over his fear in hell. Think of all the other religions around the world with the different hells created by different deities. Why are you not afraid of these other hells? Be patient with yourself and the journey. Recovering from Religion has a hotline to help along the way. Mike in MI asks if one can be an atheist without god. This depends on the definition of atheism which is going to be different for each person you talk to. Kevin in GA asks how can god be demonstrated as the god he says he is? He then talks about psychic readings. Remember that psychics take the hits and forget the misses. The odds are in favor of the hits. Luke in Canada wants to know what is missing to be able to say there are miracles. Hearing second hand information is not enough to prove miracles. Ask your deity what it would take to convince Shannon that a miracle happened. Thank you for tuning in and we will see you next show!

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